Perhaps you’ve heard about GraphQL and sold on the concept. Now you’re looking at how to get a scalable and ‘best practice’ GraphQL API up and running.

Prisma is a great option. With tens of thousands of Github stars, hundreds of contributors and backed by a well-funded & for-profit company (which has raised a few million $ by investors from companies like Heroku, Netlify and Algolia) — Prisma is a solid and growing product.

Today we’ll take a look at what and why you should consider using Prisma and GraphQL-Yoga to build a GraphQL API.

The Prisma architecture

Over the past week I’ve been in two situations which have encouraged me to think about the way I ‘debug’ or problem solve.

After reflection, I thought I’d share an unconscious framework I seem to follow, whether it be for solving problems in life or in code. Having a simple pattern to follow may empower you to solve problems in a more timely manner with less anxiety.

Hold onto the following two scenarios as we explore further:

‘Linting’ automatically analyses your code for potential errors and ensures it’s formatted according to a definition. There are tools to lint your code across many programming language and can be customised on a per project basis to increase code quality & consistency, improved performance and reduce developer decision making fatigue.

This guide will help you setup Code Linting for your Wordpress project.

1. Installation

Using Composer — Install PHPCS and the Wordpress Coding Standards, to your local machine:

composer global require squizlabs/php_codesniffer wp-coding-standards/wpcs

Add the Wordpress Coding Standard to the PHPCS list of available standards:

# Windows/Mac
phpcs --config-set installed_paths ~/.composer/vendor/wp-coding-standards/wpcs

Yes, yes it is. So much so, that we monitor and audit our client’s Wordpress websites every month (specifically those website’s built over the past year and beyond). Each month we notify our clients of any Wordpress installations and/or plugins that need updating.

So, why do we think it’s important? Let’s delve into our top 4 reasons.

1. Security

We mention this as #1 for a reason. We see security as the most important reason to keep your Wordpress installation and plugins up to date.

The first thing to say is that Wordpress and many of its plugins are open source —…

If you’re involved in the Wordpress community, you’d be familiar with the upcoming major release of Wordpress: version 5, which is due for release over the coming months.

Is v5 a big deal?

Yeah, kind of… Wordpress 5.0 will be a bigger change than previous major updates. With previous releases, both major (eg. v3, v4) and minor (eg. v4.1, 4.2 etc), you probably didn’t notice many differences. Or if you did, they probably didn’t affect your day-to-day content management.

The biggest change to version 5, is a feature referred to as project ‘Gutenberg’. The Wordpress open source community have been working hard on Gutenberg for…

Before I start, I should clarify that when I refer to a web development environment, I’m talking about the software, configuration and tooling that web developers use when they’re building a website. Alright, let’s jump in.

⚠️ The Problem

It goes without saying that every developer has their own preference to the tools they use; usually based on the experience and familiarity with each tool.

When talking web development environments, consider the endless combinations of configurations for a PHP developer:

As a web development agency, we love Wordpress (surprised to hear that after reading the title?) and reach for it regularly. Why? Here’s a few of the primary reasons:

🤨 Why the harsh article title?

One of biggest issues we have with Wordpress stems from the fact that any ‘Joe Blow’ with Wordpress Admin access, can install, update and even write server side code (eg. install plugins, update the core CMS and using the…

Time and time again, we see new Magento 2 admins feel overwhelmed when it comes to processing the orders placed through their store. In a world where shipping an order ‘same day’ is expected, how do you efficiently process your orders through a default Magento2 installation?

Here’s the most common scenario:

So what…

I stumbled across InstaPy last week and have been eager to get some time to give it a go. Simply put, it’s an Instagram Like, Comment and Follow Automation Script. Reading through TimG’s post was kind-a inspiring. Through his script, he’s managed to get 2,500+ real followers on Instagram in 4 months, for only ~$5 p/month on hosting fees.

Needless to say, I wanted to see how well it could work for a side project of mine.

Ashamedly, I spent about 1.5hrs fumbling my way through getting it working — primarily because I had no Python experience at all. …

First up, when I say ‘an App’, I’m referring to a mobile app — you know, those applications we download from the iOS AppStore or Google Play store for our mobile devices?

I’m not saying that your organisation 100% needs a mobile app. However it is worth considering the benefits one could provide.

Why is Mobile sooo important?

It’s reported that we spend as much as 1.5hrs per day on our mobile devices. Mightn’t sound like much? This equates to:

And Apps specifically? A report from Nielsen concludes that 89% of mobile time, is spent…

Matt Mcnamee

I lead, design & build digital goods @wearepvtl

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