Perhaps you’ve heard about GraphQL and sold on the concept. Now you’re looking at how to get a scalable and ‘best practice’ GraphQL API up and running.

Prisma is a great option. With tens of thousands of Github stars, hundreds of contributors and backed by a well-funded & for-profit company…

‘Linting’ automatically analyses your code for potential errors and ensures it’s formatted according to a definition. There are tools to lint your code across many programming language and can be customised on a per project basis to increase code quality & consistency, improved performance and reduce developer decision making fatigue.

Before I start, I should clarify that when I refer to a web development environment, I’m talking about the software, configuration and tooling that web developers use when they’re building a website. Alright, let’s jump in.

⚠️ The Problem

It goes without saying that every developer has their own preference to the tools…

Linting is the process of running your code through a tool to analyse for potential errors. Linting isn’t language specific and can be customised on a per project basis to ensure code quality, improved performance, reduce developer decision making fatigue and consistency.

Here’s a few examples of where linting can…

Matt Mcnamee

I lead, design & build digital goods @wearepvtl

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